With Biju Menon and Krishna Shankar playing the lead roles, “Marubhoomiyile Aana” is the film directed by V.K Prakash. Biju Menon takes the role of an Arab belonging to Qatar Royal Family. Samskruthy Shenoy pairs up with Krishna Shankar in the film. “Marubhoomiyile Aana” is a fun packed entertainer and gives pretty much to the viewers to enjoy.

The film commences with the death of Joy, a Malayali Business Magnet in Qatar. A man dressed as an Arab is seen absconding from the concerned place and there begins the suspense of the movie along with the titles. The story reaches Kerala with the flow of the song “Akashom Pazhayathalle” sung by P. Jayachandran ; Music by Ratheesh Vega. The plot then moves forth to a village called Mynacadu, the native place of Sukumaran Menon (Suku), the role played by KrishnaShankar. Keerthi (Samskruthy Shenoy) is Suku’s lover, the daughter of Kamalasanan, an affluent personality of the place.


Kamalasanan stands against the affair of Suku & Keerthi. (Lalu Alex plays the role of Kamalasanan, the wealthy father of Keerti). Owing to critical financial issues and debts,Suku seeks the help of his intimate friend Martin, who is a hotel employee in Qatar. Martin gives him some idea to find money and Suku reaches Qatar as per his friends advise. Biju Menon, who is from the Royal Family of Qatar is in fact a Malayali. This character’s mother reached Qatar through an Arabic-Marriage from Koyilandi. Suku happens to meet this character of Biju Menon in Qatar and they come to Kerala and the plot of the film unveils several incidents henceforth. In the meantime, Major Ravi comes as the investigative officer from Kerala for Joy Murder Case. Jayraj Varyar plays the role of a humorous character in the film.


The plot underlying the murder of Joy is the suspense of the film. The entire story-line of the movie moves in the comedy track itself. Balu Vargheese, Hareesh and Saju Navodaya together handles the comic part of the film. They offer several funny incidents that makes the viewers laugh out wholeheartedly and Biju Menon’s versatality adds to its outcome immensely. Krishna Shankar has a good character in the film and he has succeeded in presenting the same with all its goodness. Director V.K.Prakash, Mammokoya, Irshad, Sunil Sugadha as well is seen appearing in the screen with some minor roles. The scriptwriter is successful enough to keep the pace of the movie going without boring the spectators.

“Marubhoomiyile Aana”, in its true sense can be included in the genre of Biju Menon’s Romans & MadhuraNaranga which is fully packed with fun and laughter. “Marubhoomiyile Aana”, for sure will not dishearten its viewers and shall be a pure comic entertainer for them…

Marubhoomiyile Aana Movie Review

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